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השתלת שיער במאה ה -21

שיער הוא החלק של הגוף אשר מקבל את תשומת הלב הגדולה ביותר. השיער מייצג את בני הנוער הצעיר, וחוסר בשיער מייצג את גילנו המבוגר יותר. אדם שחווה נשירת שיער מרגיש נזק כלשהו בחיו האישיים , החברתיים ובבטחון העצמי שלו. ..


The reasons for unsuccessful HT

Too much stress, and factors like depression, diseases, medicine and wrong cosmetic use can result with hair loss. With progressive age hair loss can be extreme and requires intervention. At this point, hair tr..


Things you should do after HT

Stress, depression, diseases, medicine and wrong cosmetic use can result with hair loss. On the other hand, some people are more likely to experience genetic hair loss. Hair transplant is a permanent solution f..


Complications after HT

Progressive age, stress, diseases and medicine use are factors that can cause hair loss. The most permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplant. Hair transplant help people have dense and healthy hair. If..


Healing period after HT

Nowadays, people who suffers from balding find their solution with hair transplant. The improving technology and science renders the operation much easier. Hair transplant allows people to grow healthy hair. Th..


The things should do before HT

Hair loss can accrue because of genetic reasons as well as it can depend on external factors. Wrong hair treatments, stress, various illnesses, menopause and malnutrition can trigger hair loss. Hair loss accrui..


How long does hair transplant take?

Hormones, genetics , stress and drug use can cause hair loss. The ones who are suffering from hair loss finds their solution with hair transplant. Okay, but how long will it take to get hair transplant ? The a..


Who can benefit from hair transplant

Hair loss is a problem that many people often experience nowadays. The source of the problem may vary from person to person. The hair loss usually develops in the progressive ages, In some cases it can occur ..

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